Corporate Responsibility

Our Goal

At Centerline, we are united by a common goal: to deliver the highest quality marketing content, created by an extremely talented group of individuals. This commitment to excellence extends not only to our clients, but also to the responsibility to our employees, our community involvement and leadership, and the impact we have on the environment. From our management down, we demonstrate our responsibility to be good corporate citizens whether we’re delivering innovative marketing solutions or participating in a local 5K for charity. Also, as one of the select few approved vendors for IBM, we whole-heartedly adhere to the framework and values set forth in the IBM Supplier Code of Conduct and the EICC.


In our employees, Centerline values talent, commitment and the self-driven motivation to succeed.

Since we ask the best of our employees, we return their efforts by fostering a culture and work environment dedicated to mutual learning, growth and respect. If we ask a 110%, then we give a 110%. Our inclusive culture provides constant training, growth and career development and a reward package based solely on merit and achievement.We pride ourselves on our open, free communication driven culture that does not tolerate discrimination in any form. As a cohesive unit, we welcome employees and applicants of various religious backgrounds, economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation and political affiliation. Centerline believes that our diversity makes us a richer place to work and fuels our global perspective that is directly reflected in the award-winning work we create for our clients.


Because our world is digitally driven – from video, web, social media to even the high-powered, energy saving green scanners in the office—our environmental footprint is constantly being reduced. Nonetheless, we recognize that we do have a direct impact on the world we live in and are actively engaged in finding creative solutions for conservation, waste generation/recycling and greenhouse gas emissions.

2016 Progress Report

Beginning in 2011, Centerline made a formal commitment to reduce our environmental footprint and established goals that would be measured at the beginning of each year. Over the last 5 years, Centerline experienced its largest growth phase to date. Our average annual employee growth was 30%. We became a major player in our community by launching our 100 + 100 volunteer program, which saw Centerliners giving back to the city in numerous ways. Even with a continued growth of staff members, building expansions, in-house events, on-site shoots and client visits, we were still able to decrease our energy consumption and GHG emissions. Our vigilant efforts to expand our recycling programs and streamline waste generation consistently keep our environmental footprint relatively low.

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Goal #1: Energy Savings

Our energy consumption decreased

Goal #2: Reduce GHG Emissions

Our overall GHG emissions decreased

Goal #3: Reduce Waste

Our total waste generated per employee was reduced by

While the numbers show a significant reduction in amout of recycling, during 2014, we eliminated all plastic water bottles throughout the office and implemented only reusable containers, even for visiting clients. This significantly reduced the amout of recycling necesary.

Fines and Penalties

As of February 2016, Centerline is compliant with all applicable national and local environmental laws and regulations, and has never been assessed a fine or penalty as a result of non-compliance, violation or any other legal requirement regarding our environmental aspects.


As a company, we donate to a variety of local charities and events every year.

Centerliners work hard, but in our down time we love to support the local community that supports us. The Second Empire 5K Classic is a great example of an event we sponsor every year. Our appreciation for the great city of Raleigh that we call home is evident in the variety of events & volunteering projects that our staff, individually & collectively, participates in throughout the year.


Learn how Centerline keeps ahead of the curve on forward-thinking policies and procedures.

Behind the scenes, our Corporate & Environmental Responsibility Group (C.E.R.G.), which is comprised of members of the Management Team and the Business Department, is the mastermind of our forward-thinking policies and procedures. This group of leaders ensures the welfare of our employees and that our staff are fully trained, and compliant with our environmental directives.

An important note to all our suppliers

While we are a digital agency and create the vast majority of our own deliverables in-house, our C.E.R.G. also strongly encourage any applicable suppliers to follow the same social and environmental policies that we have adopted.

  1. Define, deploy, and sustain a corporate responsibility and environmental management system that identifies significant aspects of the supplier’s intersections with these matters, including those articulated in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC).Establish programs (within the management system) to control operations that intersect with these matters and confirm compliance with applicable law, regulation and any particular contractual requirements.
  2. Measure performance associated with supplier’s significant environmental aspects where applicable and include at a minimum each of the following aspects common to virtually all businesses:
    • Energy conservation
    • Scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2 emissions)
    • Waste management and recycling
  3. Set voluntary environmental goals to achieve positive results associated with significant aspects where applicable and include at a minimum one in each of the three aspects cited in #2 above.
  4. Publicly disclose results associated with these voluntary environmental goals and other environmental aspects from the management system, including any regulatory fines or penalties that may have occurred.
  5. Train employees who are responsible for performing this work.
  6. Conduct self-assessments and audits as well as management reviews.
  7. Cascade this set of requirements to the supplier’s suppliers who perform work that is material to the products, parts and/or services being supplied to Centerline.

Employee Training

Each employee is given he necessary training to maintain the standards set forth in our compay policies, procedures and goals. Every Centerliner must be in compliance with the conduct principles and environmental guidelines set forth in our employee handbook, which is reviewed in depth during their individual new hire orientation. Beyond these basic requirements, different positions at Centerline may require additional training, which will be in accordance with the employee's specific role.

Company Monitoring

Centerline's C.E.R.G. meets quarterly to conduct self-assessments and audits which certifies that our management system is functioning properly and that the goals, policies and requirements set forth are being correctly implemented. They also ensure that Centerline is fully compliant with any national and local environmental regulations tht are applicable to our business.